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Avau Neueli

Avau Neueli

Docent Ayurveda en Yoga

In the past several years I have applied myself in studying two ancient sister sciences Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda means science of life and Yoga means Union – Union of the mind and body. These two sciences support and complement each other. The yoga I teach has roots in the practice and wisdom of the classical yogic texts and based on Raja and Hatha Yoga. Yoga asanas (postures) taught and performed in a certain way will assist in the process of healing, produce good health in strengthening, calming and empowering oneself – enhancing ones quality of life - these are only the side effects. The aim of Yoga is Union. Yoga is for everyone no matter what age, gender, size, shape, fitness level etc. We begin where you are.

A Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Ayurvadic Nutritionist and member of Yoga Alliance UK level AI. Avau completed her yoga teacher training with Shirley Woods of Yoga Practice in Innerspace in Amsterdam. She also studied Ayurvadic Nutrition and several Ayurvadic and yogic studies with Coen van der Kroon of the academy of Ayurvadic studies in Amsterdam.

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