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About our Vision

The two pillars of Dance

Dance is a performing art
At Danshuis Haarlem we approach Dance as a performing art. When we dance we use our movements, timing, use of space and empathy to express something, to tell a story. About ourselves and at the same time us entertain, move, make people think. Communicating with your outside world in this way gives a sense of meaning and connection.

Dance is a Craft
When you dance, your body is your instrument. If you want to develop in dance, you will have to train. Much of your training is focused on gain body control. You will also learn specific skills such as coordination, running, jumping, use of space and presentation. You dance material of someone else and you dance yourself.

Both pillars ensure that you get to know yourself better and offer you a form with which you can express yourself. The feeling that you are going to control your body more and more is a nice feeling. The feeling that you become more free in your body and on a stage gives confidence.

Training lessons and dance projects

Everyone at the Danshuis trains once or several times a week. in addition we make dance productions ourselves and we are regularly asked to join working on projects of others. We offer classes for 3 age groups. The youngest dancers (2-7 years) are introduced to dance through lessons in basic dance education, pre-ballet and classical / modern. Magic, fantasy, improvisation and the first techniques: we see them develop and enjoy!

All dancers aged 8-18 train in the basic 3 academic styles: modern / contemporary, classical ballet and modern jazz. The dancers from 10 years old do that at least twice a week. Adults train in the same styles and we encourage them to do so more times a week, especially if they like to participate in dance projects.

Professional Dance World

Not many people know that Dance in the Netherlands has a very high level and has a rich, international tradition. That choreographic work by quite a few famous Dutch choreographers is danced worldwide. That dance students from all over the world like to follow their training at one of our dance academies because of the high level. If you ask a young amateur footballer who is his or her favorite footballer or club, then most know immediately to name. This is often different for dancers.

A starting point of the Danshuis is that we increase the distance to the professional dance world, because it is our great source of inspiration. We do this by focusing on the technical quality of the dancers. Byenlarging their knowledge of the different styles, companies and top dancers. By offering repertoire, watching films or performances together, invite guest lecturers. At the Danshuis you learn to become skilled in academic dance styles, and also in making dance yourself, through improvisation and composition lessons.

The dance world in a broad sense is an incredibly exciting, dynamic world, where concepts such as beauty, transmission, design, individuality, strength and eloquence take a large place. There is no difference when you dance. And we as teachers and choreographers have trained ourselves to take you on your dance adventure.

Age and level

And does age matter then? Can anyone, young and old still develop dance skils? We think so. Anyone with an open mind and motivation can experience the special world of Dance experience and (continue to) develop. We certainly see that open view amongst the youngest dancers. The motivation especially amongst the (slightly) older dancers. And a great pleasure amongst them all. We offer classes at different levels for motivated beginners to ambitious advanced dancers.

Talent development

And do you have a striking talent for Dance or maybe you want to make Dance your profession? Then we offer you a special Pre-education, so you can audition for a dance academy.
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