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Ben Craft

Ben Craft docent moderne dans

Teacher modern / Cunningham

Ben Craft studied at the Royal Ballet School in London and studied HBO music at Chiswick Polytechnic College in London. He was the first soloist to perform dances with the Maurice Bejarts Ballet of the 20th century and the Rambert Dance Company in London. He composed the music for Mark Baldwin's "island to island" for whom he later danced in the piece "Tuireadh" at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, where he danced with the "Gandidni Juggling Project" and toured Europe for a while as a choreographer. he was commissioned by the London School of Contemporary Dance, 4D Graduate Company, Szeged Contemporary Ballet and Ricochet Dance Company, founded his own Dance Company 'Small Ax', which won him many prizes and danced the lead role in Peter Greenaways' M for Man, which he himself made the choreography for.

Ben taught at the London School of Contemporary Dance, Dance Workshop Amsterdam, Modern Dance Theater Ankara in Turkey, ARTEZ, CODARTS and ROC Nijmegen. At the moment Ben is working as a Coordinator Teacher MBO Dance in Arnhem. He also moves his own choreographic research, music and film that recently led to a new solo piece 'Smudging and Clarity', which premiered in August 2012 in Germany.


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