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dancing in times of corona at Danshuis Haarlem


There are no corona restrictions at this moment.

If the lessons cannot be given in the studios, the lessons will take place in a creative way. We look for the most suitable solution for each lesson. Lessons are given online via ZOOM, but we prefer to dance outside as much as possible. We have found special and inspiring locations for this. The lessons are adapted to the surface on which you dance, because not everything is possible that is normally possible in the studio. It provides completely new ways of dancing, which we will probably continue to use after the corona era. In addition to a lot of discomfort, corona also offers its advantages.

outside dancing stadsschouwburg

Haarlems Dagblad March 2, 2021

UPDATE 22 May Until the age of 17, all classes may be given indoors again. For adults, there are still some restrictions on the number of students in a studio.

So please sign up !! Dancing is particularly good as a remedy against the negative consequences of corona. It keeps you fit and healthy and it is good for your social contacts. So we happily continue to dance and everyone is more than welcome!

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