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dancing in times of corona at Danshuis Haarlem


From Friday 25 February 2022, all rules have been relaxed. A mouth cap is no longer mandatory, only the basic advice remains.

House rules
Danshuis Haarlem has drawn up a number of house rules to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible:

  • - Stay home with corona-related complaints.
  • - Follow the quarantine rules.
  • - Cough and sneeze into the inside of the elbow.
  • - Wash/disinfect hands as much as possible.
  • - Pupils and staff limit their stay in the building as much as possible to the planned activity.
  • - Parents stay outside as much as possible. The youngest students are picked up at the door.
  • - Face masks are no longer required.
  • - 1,5 m away is no longer required, but give each other space.
  • - The lift should only be used by technical personnel, disabled persons or people with a relatively large amount of luggage.
  • - Provide as much ventilation as possible in the rooms.

If the lessons cannot be given in the studios, the lessons will continue in a creative way. We look for the most suitable solution for each lesson.

outside dancing stadsschouwburg

Haarlems Dagblad March 2, 2021

So please sign up !! Dancing is particularly good as a remedy against the negative consequences of corona. It keeps you fit and healthy and it is good for your social contacts. So we happily continue to dance and everyone is more than welcome!

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