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Damar Lamers

Damar Lamers

Teacher improvisation, composition en choreography

Passion for dance, theater and young people! Driven, I focus on every project that has to do with dance, theater or young people. The nice thing about this is the variety. Each project requires other functions, such as artistic director, director, choreographer, production manager, dance teacher / coach and internship manager. Because of this I am challenged and I continue to gain experience. Working with young people has always been an internal motive.

In 1998, after two years of social work, I decided to go for my passion: dance & theater. Consequence: two fertile seasons at the 5 o'Clock Class and four years the Dance in Education program at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. The Dance in Education course gave me tools to work with young people, to make pieces and to dedicate the creative drawer. In the second year of the training I founded TjillSkillz Foundation together with Angelique van Beckhoven: dance and theater for young people. With TjillSkillz I have created the opportunity to develop and further develop my vision in the field of dance, theater and young people. I work through a personal approach and focus first of all on loosening the young person by means of a personal approach. dance and theater. With detachment I do not mean to experience embarrassment and to be yourself. I believe that a person will come into a state of optimal growth in any sector, and in this case, dance and theater.

As a maker I work from the young people and their material. I offer the necessary, where I see the need. My pieces are characterized by their strength, energy, vulnerability, individuality and humor. No bite-sized chunks, but also not too abstract. I hope to make both the young people I work with and the public think about life, people and themselves.


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