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Dance Artist

4-year course Dance Artist

Since 2014, Haya Maëla has been offering an internal course to Dance Artist (dance teacher, dancer and dance maker) within the Danshuis according to the Master/Companion principle. In this program, a student (Companion) is intensively guided by Haya Maëla (Master) and fully taken along to master the profession of dance artist. The program is compiled in close consultation with the student, based on his specific qualities and talents. The student follows the training for 4 or 5 years, depending on his age and experience. Admission takes place after an audition and prior dance training is a great advantage.

Dance teacher
The student will immediately start teaching at the Danshuis and will be intensively supervised by Haya Maëla. Over the years, the student learns to teach all age groups, beginner to advanced. In addition to these practical hours, lessons are given in Didactics and Methodology.

Performing Dancer
A large part of the training is filled with technique lessons, with an emphasis on classical ballet, modern / contemporary dance, modern jazz, improvisation / composition and choreography. The student will also follow an intensive training in a certain, self-chosen style, at an external dance institution or dance teacher / maker. The student dances in Dansgroep Haarlem and in that group gains experience with performing dancership, both during the creation process and during the performances. As a graduation project, the student will dance a solo made by a professional choreographer.

Dance Maker
At an early stage of the training, the student accompanies Maëla or another senior teacher, with the aim of making dance for various groups within the Danshuis, all age groups and levels. As a graduation project, the student will make a solo for someone else. The student may also be asked to come up with and develop a concept for a student performance of the Danshuis.

Additional features
In addition to the above components, the student learns to organize and produce projects, to design and implement simple costumes and sets and many other things that are important for a profession in the Dance buziness. In the final year, a graduation paper is written after an investigation.

The first students have graduated since 2019.

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