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Dance Safe

In recent years, more and more signals and reports have emerged in the media about transgressive behavior in the dance world. It is unknown how many signals and/or reports are involved. Media coverage focuses on Latin Dance (Knippen, 2021). Latin dancer Kim Koumans gave a face to the transgressive behavior in the media and talked about her experiences. After her media appearances, other dancers came on the line to talk about their experiences in the dance world. The documentary Dancing for your life about abuse in the dance world was recently released (Minderaa, 2023).

Alliance Dance Safe

The Dutch dance sector has a rich variety of dance forms, including recreational sports, top sports, the cultural sector and the performing arts. Dance is practiced in all sections of the Dutch population. This diversity is also reflected in the various organizations and branches. After there has been a lot of collaboration during the corona period about the possibilities to keep the sport open, we looked at which themes the collaboration could be continued.

In order to be able to jointly anticipate social themes such as social safety from the dance sector, work is currently being done on the establishment of 'Alliantie Dans Veilig'. Based on this alliance, the affiliated parties will work together - where necessary - to arrive at a joint approach to (social) themes, without losing their own identity.

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The report

Verinorm has conducted research into transgressive behavior in the dance sector. The results of this are stated in the report: Shadow dancing (only in dutch)


Need help, get in touch

In the unlikely event that you are (or have had) dealing with transgressive behaviour, it is important to know where you can turn to our confidential (contact) persons for a listening ear, help and advice.
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Anet Cronheim
Confidential Advisor

T (+31) 06 28531620

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