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Dance wear

Clothing regulations
All students are required to follow the clothing requirements. If all the children are dressed the same, it gives a quieter image and prevents jealousy. Importantly, the clothes we are looking for are the nicest and safest to dance with, especially thinking about the shoes. It is also often used during performances.

The ballet clothes can be bought at De Danswinkel, 26 Kerkstraat, 2011 ZR Haarlem. If you say you are a member of Danshuis Haarlem, she knows exactly what clothes are needed and you receive a discount. The shop is open from Wednesday to Friday from 12 to 17 and Saturday from 11 to 17.
When busy in the store you can use the order form that you find on the website.

- (colored) shirt or T-shirt
- baggy trousers (shorts)
- black, linen ballet shoes or black jazz sneakers or black socks


parent-child lesson and peuterdans
- comfortable clothing
- no special regulations
- bare feet or socks

kleuterdans, classical/modern 6+ class and pre-ballet
- lilac leotard (for sale in the Danswinkel)
- pink ballet tights
- salmon color, canvas ballet shoes

3-style class and modern/jazz
- black leotard or not too wide t-shirt (urban)
- black jazz pants
- black jazz shoes and/or socks (in consultation with the teacher)

classical ballet, classical/modern from 7+ class and preliminary course
- black leotard
- pink ballet tights
- salmon color canvas ballet shoes, split sole

modern dance and preliminary course
- black leotard
- black tight leggings
- cotton ankle socks or bare feet. Salmon pink canvas ballet shoes (classic/modern)

- not too wide, comfortable clothing
- socks, salmon color canvas ballet shoes, split sole (classical ballet)
- black, linen ballet shoes or black jazz sneakers

Second hand
We regularly sell second-hand ballet clothing. Please inquire with the teacher about this.

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