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"DANCEGROUP HAARLEM" is the name of the semi-professional dance group for well trained and highly motivated dancers from 16 years. Artistic director Haya Maëla, together with choreographer Damar Lamers, founded the group in 2012 and now the enthusiastic members of the group have already made and performed various special performances in various locations.

IBU Dancegroup Haarlem

Engaged Dance Theater

De group is part of the program Talent development: the semi-pro-class, intended for dancers who do not want to appeal to professional dance, but want to train and dance at the most feasible level, in short, to continue to develop their talent. Even dance teachers who like to be on stage are welcome.

Dancing with Dansgroep Haarlem
If you want to dance to Dansgroep Haarlem then you can apply for an audition. See the group's website for more information.

Interest in projects ?
Contact artistic leader Haya Maëla if you want to investigate a collaboration with DGH or have an interest in the projects.


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