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Ellen van Reemst

Ellen van Reemst docent modern / jazz

Teacher modern / jazz

Dancing is indispensable for me. After an intensive dance period during my school days, during my study time, I tried to put dancing on a lower level, but in vain. I love to go into dancing, to let go of everything and to get away from the daily grind. Dance gives me energy and lots of fun. I find it special to note that through dance I get to know myself better. Although I do not know exactly how, dancing gives me the opportunity to look at everything around me with an open mind and to understand the world a little better.

Since 2013 I dance with great pleasure at Danshuis Haarlem; I dance as a dancer in Dansgroep Haarlem, a contemporary modern dance company conducted by Haya Maƫla. As a dancer in the dance group I got the chance during my study time, and I still get that, to continue to develop myself, as a dancer and a dance maker.

After I graduated in 2017 as an Educational Expert at the University of Amsterdam, I started teaching at Danshuis Haarlem. I find it incredibly cool that in this way I can combine my passion for 'learning and development' with my passion for dance. At this moment I teach the adults with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and fun. In my lessons I like hard work and challenge; As a teacher, I try to combine different styles with the aim of allowing each individual pupil to grow in his or her own movement material.


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