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Haya Maëla


Artistic director

Teacher classical ballet, modern dance and choreography

I followed my training at the Scapino Dance Academy where I graduated in 1986 in the specializations classical ballet, modern jazz and children's dance. After that I did various advanced modern dance classes, including Graham and I danced with many special dance artists. In this first period of my working life I learned and experienced what quality is, what professionalism means. That quality has always been guiding for my entire career.

Artistic director - Haya Maëla

After a few years working alone as an executive dancer at the Ballet of Flanders and Ben Bermans in Belgium, I started my own ballet studio in 1992. My interest went to making choreographies and that is why in 1997 I founded the amateur theater dance group Dance Act.

I have also immersed myself in other forms of dance and movement, such as intuitive dance, the 5 rhythms and yoga. At the moment I teach at the Danshuis, among others, at the pre-education and the Vooropleiding and a number of lessons for adults. I also organize the (foreign) projects.

Since 2012 I am artistic director of Dansgroep Haarlem. I can completely lose my passion for choreographing. Also the fact that I get to know the dancers of the group more and more, I find very valuable. This allows me to make other pieces. I want to touch and inspire the people I work with or who are our public.
At the moment I work as a dancer, as a teacher and as a choreographer. Leading our fantastic team I do with great pleasure and I find it special to work with the many talented colleagues and to share our vision with them.
Dance is a way for me to experience and express myself and to communicate with others. That is what I would also like to experience all dancers around me.


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