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Jolien van Haaster

Jolien van Haaster

Teacher Modern / Children

It was only in my teenage years that I suddenly knew: I had to go dancing. An idea that just fell from the sky, but I knew for sure that dance was what I had to do and that it would work! A few months later I started the preparatory training 5 o'clock class of the theater school in Amsterdam. After that year I was accepted at MBO Dance Haarlem. Here I was also trained as a teacher and immediately there was a great love for the teaching staff. After 2 years I decided that I would rather do HBO and I started my studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts, where I graduated in 2011 as a dancer, teacher and choreographer.

It makes me intensely happy if I can make my students fall in love with dance. It is such a liberation if you can surrender to the movement and push yourself to get even more out of it. There is then a very pleasant dust free and that is pretty addictive. In my opinion, technology is a great way to do all those movements you want to be able to do, but you can never limit technology and take away the pleasure. Dance is for everyone, everyone can do it and at the same time it remains challenging for everyone because it is always bigger! further! higher!

As a choreographer I like to work with amateur dancers. I like to see how they can tell a pure story with their bodies because they have not been told what is not 'beautiful'. It is also challenging for me to learn as much as possible in a short time and that way a shy girl can turn into a stage beast in a few weeks! That way I also like working with children in Romania where I go every year with the volunteer organization Flying Seagull Project. We work there with underprivileged children by giving workshops and performances in dance, music and theater. It is special to see what a positive effect it has on these children to be able to express you in different art forms.

Teaching at Danshuis Haarlem I do with a lot of fun. In my classes I like to work with a lot of expression, rhythmic and technical challenges and many dynamic differences.


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