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kinderpartijtjes en dansfeestjes

Kids parties

Ballet and Dance Parties

A swinging dance party starts at Danshuis Haarlem. Various themes possible, with a short presentation for parents at the end. A children's party lasts 1.5 hours. The children's parties take place in one of our studios or at your own location.

What are we going to do?
Under the guidance of a teacher, the children start dancing, if desired on a favorite track. A warmingup (for the younger children some dance games) and then learning a piece of dance that can be presented to the parents at the end. Nice to capture movies for later! Wwn input and ideas are welcome. Of course there is something to drink and some sweets. On request sugar free is available.

Possible themes
Elves and gnomes
Native Americans
Make up your own theme

Party 1 hour:
€ 85,- for the first 8 children
€ 9,- for every next child

Party 1,5 hour :
€ 125,- for the first 8 children
€ 12,- for every next child

Party 2 hour :
€ 170,- for the first 8 children
€ 17,- for every next child

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Location haarlem

Culture House 'Klein Heilig Pand'
Klein Heiligland 84

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