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Marlieke Burghouts

Marlieke Borghouts docent modern / jazz

Teacher modern

After obtaining my diploma at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, I sought further deepening in dance in New York. There I specialized in the Simonson technique, in which the exercises are explained in an anatomical conscious way, so that every body can fully develop without causing damage. In the years in New York City I started to choreograph more and more and finally I became M.A. Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. Back in the Netherlands I teach modern at various schools in the country and make performances with young people and as an independent choreographer.

My passion for dance, teaching and choreographing reflects back in the lessons. Every person, every body gets the space in my lesson to develop fully to dance big, small, expressive, technical and to express themselves more and more expressively through the dance as a person.


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