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Marloes Ravensbergen

Marloes Ravensbergen

Teacher children / classical ballet / modern / jazz / urban

My name is Marloes Ravensbergen and I am a dance teacher at dance house Haarlem. Dance has always been an important subject in my life since I was very little. As a six-year-old girl I was already dancing and singing on the couch. My parents had a large cabinet with CDs that I put all 1 by 1 in the CD player. Already at 07:00 in the morning I was dancing and the music was quite loud. Much to the annoyance of my parents. I started when I was 8 years old with 2 hours of hip-hop a week. These were my favorite hours of the week. If I missed that one, I was very sad.

I soon knew that I wanted to do more with dance than just training 2 hours a week. I wanted to make this my profession. That's how I came to dance house Haarlem. The preliminary training of dance house Haarlem was very well regarded. I wanted to learn more about modern dance and classical ballet in a short time. I was now 14 years old and wanted to go to the mbo dance training in Haarlem. I had never done modern dance or ballet before. This was very important if I wanted to be accepted at the mbo dance in Haarlem.

I did the preliminary training at Danshuis Haarlem for 3 years. This was a very nice time, in which I learned a lot. After this I did the mbo dance training in Haarlem for 3 years. I was hired. Here I had a lot of dance training and I got to know very beautiful dancers and dancers, with whom I am still in contact. After 3 years of MBO dance training I wanted to grow even more. I wasn't quite done studying and dancing yet. For this reason I auditioned at the higher professional education dance training Codarts in Rotterdam. Here I learned a lot for 4 years and once again got to know very nice people in the field. I am still grateful for this.

I have never let go of the dance house. During my studies I gave the children's lessons in Bloemendaal on Saturdays. Here we had an external location of Danshuis. Now I work at the main location in the heart of Haarlem. I provide jazz lessons and modern dance lessons to teenagers and adults. My passion is to convey dance! Whatever age. The euphoric feeling that dance brings when we are completely absorbed in it is my goal for every class. I hope that I can let my students experience the ultimate dance pleasure. This was and is why I danced on the couch as a little girl and why I still dance. I also really enjoy working on talent development. Getting the best out of the student, training on technique and continuing to challenge the students. That is what I love to do most and what I hope to continue to do in the coming years.

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