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Merel Schrama

Merel Schrama

Techer classical ballet, modern, jazz, musical and children

After having followed the modern / jazz oriented dance education of Randall Scott for a year, I was accepted at Dansacademie Noord-Nederland / Lucia Marthas. There I followed the double course (hbo) for Allround Showmusical dancer and Dance Teacher for four years. After graduating in 2008, I started teaching at the pre-academy of the dance academy and various other schools in various styles such as ballet, pop-show musical, jazz, hip hop, tap and children's dance.

I started with the dance academy to become an executive dancer, but during my years at the school I developed an enormous love for teaching. The magic of theater and the passion for the executive have never let me go. But besides that I also really enjoy inspiring people, creating choreographies and transferring knowledge and love for the dance and theater profession. Combining these two aspects of the dance world makes my profession the best thing there is. Dance is so dear to me that I can hardly describe it in words. Feelings that can not be expressed in words can easily be represented by dance. In my lessons, I try to give the joy of life that I get out of dance to my students, always with due attention to the technical basis.

merel schrama


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