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Nathalie van den Hombergh

Nathalie van den Hombergh

Teacher Classical Ballet, Modern, Children

I am Nathalie, graduated from the Executive Dance Program at Artez, the dance academy in Arnhem. During the time I studied, I learned a great deal and became acquainted with many different types of dance styles. Mainly modern is a style in which I feel at home. A lot is possible within this style and I like to research that. Think of swing and flow, floorwork and release and looking up boundaries by moving bigger than you thought you could!

As a dancer, I enjoy training, rehearsing and mastering a certain technique or choreography. And as a teacher I always try to communicate that. Besides learning a technique, I find it very important that my pupils, young or old, get the opportunity and feel the freedom to dance their own dance.

It is important to me that a student feels comfortable with me. If the bond of trust is there, I would like to go a bit deeper and challenge you to get more out of yourself. Seeing the development of my students gives me a smile on my face and a proud feeling to be able to see from the sidelines what someone can achieve.


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