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DANCE is a performing ART!
That is why the lessons assume that performances are given in a real theater, such as a City Hall, Philharmonic or Toneelschuur. That will be professional dance shows, where only the dancers are amateur. We work with professional teachers and choreographers and the costumes and decors are provided by professional people.

"Nature speaks"
Saturday 15 June 2024

nature speaks eindvoorstelling 2025

In the final performance this year we will tell the story of nature that speaks to us. That is why we take you on a journey through different aspects and areas of nature on earth. From the origins of life to rodents in the desert and stars in the sky, we explore the diversity of nature and the role of humans in it. The conclusion seems to be that we humans need nature, but nature does not need us. Let us take care of our earth and all its beautiful processes and appearances! The dancers and team have worked extremely hard in recent months and we can't wait to show you the end result!

Dae: Saturday 15 June 2024
Time: 11.00 AM and 3.30 PM
Location: Stadsschouwburg voorplein, Wilsonsplein 23 2011 VG Haarlem

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Dansdagen Haarlem
Friday-Sunday April 12-14 2024


Dansdagen Haarlem celebrates dance with a multi-day festival and aims to break boundaries between dance movements, but also between professionals, amateurs and dance enthusiasts. The festival is therefore pleased to announce that Danshuis Haarlem will organize a free performance on and around the forecourt of Stadsschouwburg Haarlem especially for the opening of the festival. Danshuis Haarlem is the training house for dance in Haarlem.

Date: friday April 12 2024
Time: 18:15 - 19:00 uur
Location: Stadsschouwburg voorplein, Wilsonsplein 23 2011 VG Haarlem

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Open Danshuis
Friday March 22 2024

open house 2024

A short presentation filled with various teasers of performances that will take place soon.

Date: Friday March 22 2024
Time: 20:00 and 20:45
Location: Studio 1 Danshuis Haarlem

Eigen Werk Performance
Sunday 11 February 2024


The Eigen Werk performance is called by many the best performance of the season. For this 32nd edition, the dancers all create the dances themselves. Be surprised by a lot of creativity and fun!

Date: Sunday 11 February 2024
Time: 19:30
Location: Theater De Luifel, Herenweg 96, 2101 MP Heemstede

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Buitenstaanders, dance performance

Inspired by the story of 'Philemon and Baucis' by the Roman poet Ovidius, 9 dancers from the Dans Vooropleiding (14-16 years) of Danshuis Haarlem wondered about their hospitality. And with this dance performance they also want to ask the same question to their audience.
What does hospitality mean to you?

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM and 8:15 PM
Location: Theater De Luifel, Herenweg 96, 2101 MP Heemstede

Jungle en de Metaverse
Students performance Saturday 25 June


Danshuis Haarlem is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and after 2 years of chatting in parks and on bridges, we are going to celebrate that in our beautiful Schouwburg! All dancers from 4 years old go on stage and we bring 2 stories to each performance.

The first story 'Jungle', danced by our youngest dancers up to 11 years old, is an adaptation by Roby Roest of the famous Jungle Book. Mowgli meets all his familiar friends (and enemies) in the jungles of India, but also encounters new animals and characters!

Then the youngsters and adults perform the piece entitled 'Metaverse'. The screenplay is by Rimke Saan and Haya Maëla The Metaverse is an ultimate online space and is currently in full development at major Tech companies such as Meta and Roblox. The Metaverse is a digital environment in which you can lose yourself completely. Challenging, stimulating and affirming....or not? And can this Metaverse compete with the real world?

Date: Saturday 25 June 2022
Time: 11.00 AM en 3.30 PM
Location: Stadsschouwburg Haarlem, Wilsonsplein 23 2011 VG Haarlem

Dagboek 44 45
Dansgroep Haarlem



29 April Oranjehotel Den Haag 20.30 TRY-OUT

30 April Oranjehotel Den Haag 16.00 + 20.00

1 May Oranjehotel Den Haag 10.30 + 16.00 + 19.30

4 May Schuur Haarlem 21.00

The dance performance Diary 44 45 tells the story of the 19-year-old resistance woman Hetty van der Togt. She has kept a diary of her experiences in prisons, during transports and in the labor camp near Dachau. This diary was only found by her children after her death.


Choreographer Maëla and the dancers went in search of the people behind the names. How did they manage to survive under the appalling conditions? What does friendship mean and when do you choose yourself? And how do you pick up your life again if you survived it?

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John passion
2022 April 2 and 3

Johann Sebastian Bach JOHN PASSION

Doulce Memoire chamber choir
Concerto d'Amsterdam
Danshuis Haarlem (choreographer Haya Maëla)
Musical director: Felix van den Hombergh

For this special project, Danshuis Haarlem will collaborate with chamber choir Doulce Memoire and baroque orchestra Concerto d' Amsterdam. In a surprising new way, fantastic music and the universal story are brought to the attention of Bach's large crowd, but also of a new audience: curious people of all ages with a wide interest in art and culture. A unique Haarlem project where you want to be!

Bradley Smith > tenor Evangelist
Hidde Kleikamp > Christ
Rosalyn Stürzer > soprano
Maite Cathérine de Wit > alt
Rutger van Oeveren > bass

Saturday April 2 7:30 pm
Sunday April 3 3:00 pm

Adelbertus kerk Haarlem, Rijksstraatweg 26

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