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DANCE is a performing ART!
That is why the lessons assume that performances are given in a real theater, such as a City Hall, Philharmonic or Toneelschuur. That will be professional dance shows, where only the dancers are amateur. We work with professional teachers and choreographers and the costumes and decors are provided by professional people.

Dagboek 44 45
Dansgroep Haarlem



28 augustus Theater De Liefde Haarlem 16.00 en 20.00 uur (première)

29 augustus Theater De Liefde Haarlem 13.00 en 16.00 uur

23 oktober Werkspoorfabriek Utrecht 16.00 en 20.00 uur

24 oktober Werkspoorfabriek Utrecht 13.00 en 16.00 uur

8 januari Oranjehotel Den Haag 16.00 en 20.00 uur

9 januari Oranjehotel Den Haag 10.00 en 16.00 uur


The dance performance Diary 44 45 tells the story of the 19-year-old resistance woman Hetty van der Togt. She has kept a diary of her experiences in prisons, during transports and in the labor camp near Dachau. This diary was only found by her children after her death.


Choreographer Maëla and the dancers went in search of the people behind the names. How did they manage to survive under the appalling conditions? What does friendship mean and when do you choose yourself? And how do you pick up your life again if you survived it?


Dance Dance group Haarlem and a guest group

Choreography Haya Maëla

Assistant choreography Lene van Alten

Guest choreography Sarai Maëla Danshuis Haarlem, Marlieke Burghouts Dance Center Utrecht, Joan van der Mast New Dance Center The Hague

Music Henrik Schwarz et al.

Young talent to move
2021 July 8 + 9 + 10


Data 8, 9 and 10 july 2021
Location Cathedral of St. Bavo, Leidsevaart 146, 2014 HE Haarlem
Dancers VO1 and VO2, Roby Roest and guestperformance Dancegroup Haarlem
Choreographers Sarai Maëla, Roby Roest, Lene van Alten and Haya Maëla
Visual artist Esmé de Niet


"Young talent to move" is the title of the new dance performance of the Preparatory Program of Danshuis Haarlem and will be performed a number of times in the month of July at a still secret location ... A total of approximately 20 dancers between the ages of 12 and 22, all of them talented, with ambition to further develop in Dance, some even as a profession.

The VO2 dancers say: "We have been sitting still for far too long and feel that it is now finally our turn! We do this by creating this special dance performance at an exciting location in Haarlem. Our theme is Freedom and that is already reflected in our way of working. The choreographers give us a lot of space to work very independently, to make dance material ourselves, to write poems and songs, and to design costumes. We each create our own character and it therefore also feels that we can develop as a human being as well as a dancer."

Performance 19 June 2021

Danshuis Moves On!

danshuis danst door !

We will not be boxed in by Corona and we will give an exciting performance in the Florapark! A real location performance, in which the trees, benches and other objects in the park are involved in the dances.


Date: Saturday 19 June (or Sunday 20 June in case of bad weather)

Show 1: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Show 2: 3pm-4pm


Want to see the stream too? Watch on Youtube: Performance via Youtube

John passion
2020 April 4 and 5

Johann Sebastian Bach JOHN PASSION

Doulce Memoire chamber choir
Concerto d'Amsterdam
Danshuis Haarlem (choreographer Haya Maëla)
Musical director: Felix van den Hombergh

For this special project, Danshuis Haarlem will collaborate with chamber choir Doulce Memoire and baroque orchestra Concerto d' Amsterdam. In a surprising new way, fantastic music and the universal story are brought to the attention of Bach's large crowd, but also of a new audience: curious people of all ages with a wide interest in art and culture. A unique Haarlem project where you want to be!

Bradley Smith > tenor Evangelist
Hidde Kleikamp > Christ
Rosalyn Stürzer > soprano
Maite Cathérine de Wit > alt
Rutger van Oeveren > bass

Saturday April 4 7:30 pm
Sunday April 5 3:00 pm

Adelbertus kerk Haarlem, Rijksstraatweg 26

Annual pupil shows 2019


Annual pupils shows :

May 12 'Brain' 
theater Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam
Artistic concept: Sarai Maëla and Roby Roest
Dance: DansVooropleiding Haarlem

May 18 'Once upon a crime'
theater De Luifel, Heemstede
Artistic concept: Merel Schrama and Ronja Metten
Dance: all dancers age 8-18

June 15 of 16 'Indians'
Egelantiertuin, Haarlem
Artistic concept: Sarai Maëla
Dance: all dancers age 4-8

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