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Dance Projects

Danshuis Haarlem organizes special projects, if possible in a beautiful location abroad for dancers, musicians, players, amateur or professional. The purpose of such a project is to make a show in, for example, one week, and to perform for the local audience at the end of the week.

Helix and Wild > April 14 2024


Helix is the name of a new project by artistic director Haya Maëla. The name refers to the form of DNA entanglements, in this case to the connections between amateur dancers, professionals and the public. In Haya's view, these three elements are inextricably linked and need each other. She will express this fact in various small and large projects in the period winter 2022 to spring 2024.

To create the connections, she has intensified the collaboration with theater De Schuur. A good example is the Danshuis production group (young people aged 15-18 years) who saw a children's performance by the company De Stilte in the Schuur, after which they created a performance themselves that was performed for the youngest dancers within the Danshuis and their parents. . The professional performance provided the inspiration that is processed by amateur dancers. Conversely, amateur dancers and often their parents and friends form an audience group for the professionals. New productions have been selected for the coming year that students of Danshuis Haarlem will visit together.

Haya is currently working with Dansgroep Haarlem on a special project with the working title Wild. To this end, she enters into an intensive collaboration with professional choreographer Patricia van Deutekom of LAVA Collective, following her previous performance La Despedida. This results in a co-production that will be performed in the Schuur on April 14, in a double bill with a duet by Patricia with two of her own dancers. This is a 'helix' at its finest. Keep an eye out for further messages on the website and on Facebook!

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