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Ralf Jaroschinski

Teacher Contact Iimprovisation

Ralf Jaroschinski was born in Southern Germany and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated as a classical and modern dancer at the University of Music and Theater in Hanover, Germany, and then studied contemporary dance techniques in New York City (USA) from a German Academic Exchange Service. That's where he found contact improvisation about sixteen years ago - his most important teachers are Nita Little, Daniel Lepkoff, Martin Keogh, Brenton Cheng, and Shel Wagner Rasch. He performed in the improvisations "Orten" and "Over You" by Scott Wells in San Francisco, USA. From 1998 until 2002, he directed the dance company of the City Theater of Hildesheim, Germany. Thereafter, he got commissioned to create choreographies for the National Ballets of Hanover, Karlsruhe and Munich, Germany, and Stichting EuregioDans (Heerlen - Aachen - Liège) among others - so far, he has created more than 90 dance pieces that have been seen in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

More recently, he also creates works based on contact improvisation, for example "Can You Entirely be?" (2003), "Sci-fi Poetry" (2009) and "Never Felt This Way Before" (2010) together with Andrew Wass in Berlin, Germany. He also enjoys facilitating contact improvisation classes since over the years: He has been at festivals like the "Encontro Internacional de Contato Improvisação São Paulo" (Brazil), "Contact in Rio" (in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and the "West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival (WCCIF) "in San Francisco (USA) among others, as well as the universities in Curitiba, Brazil, and Tubingen, Germany, and also the" Balé Teatro Guaíra "in Curitiba, the" Gothenburg Ballet " and the "Cullberg Ballet" in Stockholm, Sweden.


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