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Rimke Saan


Teacher classical ballet and modern

As a young girl, I took my first ballet class. I was immediately sold. The ballet class soon expanded into as many different dance styles as possible, ranging from tap dance, modern to hip hop to jazz. In high school I knew for sure that I wanted to continue with dance. At Global Dance Center I specialized mainly in the hip-hop style. I got the chance to dance as a background dancer at concerts and TV programs (Hollands Got Talent and Dance Dance Dance). Nevertheless, I also always enjoyed classical and modern lessons.

Performing was a passion of mine, but my real dream was to become a teacher. With a grammar diploma in my pocket, I decided to start with the dance education teacher at the dance academy ArtEZ in Arnhem. That is still the best choice I have ever made! Since then I am fully enjoying and busy working to develop as versatile as possible.

For me, dance is a language that we all speak. That is why I prefer to teach as many target groups as possible in as many different styles as possible. In my lessons I like hard work and challenge. As a teacher I try to build a good relationship with my students, so that they feel safe in class. That way they can grow and enjoy optimally. Pleasure remains for me the most important thing. In dance I can lose my emotions and dance makes me happy. If I can convey that to my students, then my goal is successful.


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