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Ronja Metten

JRonja Metten

Teacher Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Musical, Children

I only discovered my passion for dance quite late, but I have always been on stage with theater productions. When I found out that I really wanted to do something with dancing, I started doing the training at Danshuis Haarlem. That is where I completely danced for a year. Successfully! Because I was accepted at the dance school Nova College Dance in Haarlem, where I was trained to become a dancer and a dance teacher.

I always had an affinity with children and young people, so I always wanted to teach. And teaching in dancing is, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing there is. I want to convey to my students what I have experienced in dance, namely being completely yourself. Feeling that you can dance away all the negative energy, and ultimately have a fantastic satisfied feeling. If my students have fun, then I enjoy it again.

I love to combine my two passions, dance and theater. By expressing the expression in the movements you make, the dance will speak more. But radiance is not everything, you also have to feel the dance inside and it is also about technology. This combination - radiance, empathy and technology - makes dance a beautiful art form that I want to share with my pupils.


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