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Sarai Maëla

Sarai Kievits

Teacher Children / Improvisation / Composition / Classical Ballet

From a very young age I have been dancing here at Danshuis Haarlem. I grew up in this environment. It is not without reason that Danshuis has 'house' in its name, you are welcomed in a warm bath and encouraged to get the best out of yourself in a safe environment. I did the pre-education here, then 1 year MBO dance, followed by the 4 year education at Danshuis to become a dancer, dance teacher, dance maker.

I am trained in the dance styles classical ballet, modern, jazz and improvisation. I also make choreographies and performances. Performing was my greatest passion, showing your emotion and yourself. When I was faced with the choice to become a professional performing dancer or teacher, I chose to become a teacher. Nothing is better for me than conveying my passion and letting other people shine. However, I am still actively involved in Dansgroep Haarlem and various projects throughout the country.

sarai maela

In my classes I encourage students, young and old, to feel the freedom in themselves. By means of exercises and improvisations I let you discover your body, feel the music and grab the space. In addition, I am fully committed to getting the most out of yourself and to become excellent. I think it is important to tailor my lessons to the group of people I have in front of me. In this way I look at each individual and the dynamics of the group in order to create the most pleasant lesson for everyone!


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