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dance and ballet education in Haarlem

Talent Development

Danshuis Haarlem has been providing an intensive dance education for young dancers from 8 to 18 years old in preparation of a dance academy like Codarts Rotterdam, AHK Amsterdam, ARTEZ Arnhem, Fontys Tilburg and Royal Concervatory of The Hague or an MBO -dance. The dance training includes a Selection Group, Kids-Pre-Education, Pre-Education and Semi-Pro-Class.

" Dance is a beautiful medium ! "

To relax, make your creativity flow, express your feelings, improve your health, to make fun together by working on a performance. But dance is also discovering new opportunities in your own mind, continuing when it becomes difficult, enjoying what you are good at and learning to cope with your limitations. Dance is a language, a way to communicate. We as dance professionals experience this ourselves, but always see this again with our students.

Special program

Danshuis Haarlem offers a special program aimed at stimulating, supervising and training children for which the above elements apply in particular. Most children love to dance, maybe even every day. They also have a clear dance talent like physical possibilities, presentation / performance qualities, perseverance, musicality.
The program consists of an intensive class timetable of up to 6 hours per week (Pre-Education), with emphasis on technique lessons, such as classical ballet and modern dance. The development of their own dance qualities is also achieved by improvisation and composition lessons. The students from 10 years of age do a test lesson during the season, after which a review is followed.

Dance vocational education

Danshuis Haarlem sees it as its task to do, in addition to offering recreational classes, talent development. Since 2006, we offer young people from 12 years of age a Pre-Education program that prepares them to audition for a dance vocational training course. In 2010 we started special classes for children aged 8 and over. In doing so, we seek cooperation with dance vocational training courses, such as the National Ballet Academy and Codarts, to make admission more smooth. In September 2012, the Semi-Pro-Class was started, intended for well-trained dancers who do not intend to make dance their profession, but wish to continue at the highest level and continue develop their talent. That's why we have created the program 'Danshuis Talent Development'.

Open day
Unfortunately, the Open Day was canceled due to Corona. The date has not yet been announced for the 2021/2022 season.

Read more about auditions at pre education.


This program consists of 4 parts:
1. Class 1 and 2 for children aged 8-10 years
2. Classes 3 and 4 for children aged 10-12
3. classes 5 to 10 for young people aged 12-18
4. Semi-Pro-Class for young people and adults from 15 years

Entry and exit is possible per season, although the intention will be to follow a multi-year program.


Students from Danshuis Haarlem and the Pre-Education are among other things admitted to the following dance academies:
> Codarts, Rotterdam
> Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag
> Nationale Balletacademie, AHK Amsterdam
> Fontys dansacademie, Tilburg
> MBO-dans, Haarlem
> Paris Marais Dance School, Parijs, Frankrijk
>ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, Arnhem


Haya Maëla artistiek leader, teacher classical ballet, modern Graham based technieque and modern jazz, choreographer meer
Nicolas Rapaic classical ballet meer
Sarai Maƫla improvisation, compositon, choreography
Lotte Dekkers modern ( floorwork), modern jazz meer
Lene van Alten modern and choreografie meer
Harold Drost fysiotherapeut Fysiotherapie Trias

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