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docenten dans en ballet

Teachers ballet and dance

At Danshuis Haarlem work well - often academically trained teachers who have gained a lot of experience in the dance world. As a result, the lessons at Danshuis Haarlem are of high quality and focused on dance practice. By keeping the classes small, there is a lot of attention to personal guidance.

The Danshuis-teachers are, beside their work as a teacher, often working as a danceperformer, which gives them the needed connection with the professional danceworld and inspiration for the one thing most important: creating and performing a wonderful danceshow together with their pupils! In support of the vocational programs Danshuis Haarlem offers internships to students from the national dance academies and MBO Dance.

Haya Maëla
art director / classical ballet / modern / choreography

Sarai Maëla
children / 3 styles / improvisation / composition
Sarai Kievits

Kitty Relleke
modern / adults / children
Kitty Relleke

Femke Lemon
modern / classical ballet / children
Femke lemon

Rimke Saan
classical ballet / modern / jazz
Rimke Saan

Susan Hoogbergen
modern floorwork / modern jazz

Nicolas Rapaic
clssical ballet

Roby Roest
coördinator children / teacher classical ballet and modern

Marloes Ravensbergen
children / classical ballet / modern / jazz / urban

Lois Rooseman
Lois Rooseman

Lene van Alten
classical ballet / modern
lene van alten

Emily Ninck Blok
children stagiaire

Guest teachers / choreographers

Jane Lord
classical ballet
Jane Lord docent-klassiek-ballet

Marion Vijn
classical ballet

Tamara Roso
classical ballet
Tamara Roso docent-klassiek-ballet

Damar Lamers
improvisation / composition / choreography
Damar Lamers

Lotte Dekkers
modern / modern floorwork / modern jazz

Lorenzo Koppenaal
modern dance

Nathalie van den Hombergh
classical ballet / modern / children

Tom Goldhand
Tom Goldhand docent contact-improviatie

Didy Veldman
Didy Veltman docent klassiek ballet

Ben Bergmans
Ben Bergmans docent moderne dans

Jolien van Haaster
modern / children
Jolien van Haaster

Ben Craft
modern / cunningham
Ben Craft docent moderne dans

Ralf Jaroschinsk
contact improvisation

Sonia Venus
modern-jazz / horton technique
Sonia Venus

Jason de Witt

Nicola Balhuizen-Hepp
improvisation / composition / choreography
Nicola Balhuizen-Hepp

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