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Ballet school or dance school, ballet class or dance class, ballerina or dancer ... welcome to the world of DANS! Our dance art house offers creative, motivated or talented dancers dance courses, dance workshops, dance performances and dance a full dance education program.

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You learn how to create DANCE yourself and you can perform with our semi-professional Dance Group Haarlem. For the little ones there is parent-child, toddler, pre-schoolers and children's dance and we offer special, imaginative kids parties. Our intensive Dance Preparatory Education Program offers talented dancers all possibilities for a career in the professional dance world.

Quality and fun, development and innovation form the basis of all activities... That's what makes dancing at Danshuis Haarlem so much fun!

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Eigen Werk Performance

Sunday 5 February 2023eigenwerkperformances

15 April Open House Academy

all information about our preliminary course

Talent development
Danshuis Haarlem distinguishes itself from other ballet schools by offering a full training course. Students from 8 years of age who want to dance to Dance or to develop their dance opportunities can audition for the program Talent development.

Course program
The dance house offers lessons and lots of dance activities for amateurs and professionals. The team of mostly academically educated teachers guarantees a high quality of lessons. The groups are small and therefore individual attention is best possible.

Classes are taught in the academic styles of modern dance, classical ballet and jazz dance. In addition, there are short courses improvisation, composition, repertoire and choreography (dance making).

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