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Haya Maëla Art Director


Scapino Dance Academy, graduated in 1986 in the classical, jazz and children's specializations. Modern education, including Graham.

After my education I have danced for a number of years, among others at the Ballet of Flanders and at Ben Bermans in Belgium. In 1992 I started my own ballet studio. My interest was in creating choreographies, and in 1997 I founded the Amateur Theater Dance Group Dance Act.

In recent years, I also studied other forms of dance and movement, such as intuitive dance, the 5 rhythms and yoga. At the moment I present in Danshui Haarlem the lessons for the Pre Education. In addition, I organize the (abroad) projects. Leading to our fantastic team, I do with a lot of fun. Dance is a way for me to experience and express myself and to communicate with others. That's what I would like to experience all the dancers around me.

Rob Kievits Business Director / officer data protection


As a business leader of Danshuis Haarlem, I guide all creative processes. For example, I give advice on shaping the dance projects and I am responsible for the accounting and publicity material.

I'm also working as a designer, musician, and photographer. I have designed this website and made most of the pictures. Still, I also have enough time for my 2 daughters.

As a hobby I study philosophy, theology, science and the foundations of existence. Traveling, reading, sports and games are also my favorite activities.

Anet Cronheim Project Manager

As a child, I felt attracted to ballet. In September 1994 I met Haya Maëla during classes Callanetics. After that, I joined in various classes for many years at Danshuis Haarlem. Haya's work as a choreographer has always made me very touched and moved. In 2007, I was asked to assist in the organization of dance productions of Danshuis Haarlem, and to become a director of the Foundation Dance Act.

I studied in Leiden, Los Angeles (a master's degree at UCLA), and Rotterdam. I also followed a number of Public Relations and fundraising courses during the time I lived in America. In 2010/2011 I did a post-academic project management training at In Holland in Diemen to further contribute to the various projects and performances of Danshuis Haarlem. In addition, I am also involved in various fundraising events such as SOS Children's Villages.

I find it very inspiring to work with artistic young people who swell in their passion for dance.

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