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You may register by filling out the digital entry form. The registration is valid for the entire season, September / June, even if paid in installments. By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees with the terms and conditions.

Subscribe short course or workshop

You may register by filling out the digital entry form. The registration is valid for the indicated period and number of lessons. For the Toddler peuter classes and the parent/toddler classes, the registration applies for the whole season, however, it may be terminated before the start of a subsequent block by sending an email. By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees with the terms and conditions.

Treatment registrations

Registrations will be processed in order of receipt of payment. If a student can be placed Danshuis Haarlem sends an email confirmation along with an invoice for the fee.

Danshuis Haarlem will contact you if it is not yet certain whether the course continues, or if the course is full. Optionally, the student can be placed on a waiting list.


Fees are payable after Danshuis Haarlem has sent a confirmation of entry to the email address of the paying person named on the entry form.


The paying person transfers the fee within the prescribed period to IBAN: NL41 TRIO 0781 3953 13 t.n.v. Danshuis Haarlem, stating the name of the student and name, day and time of the course.

When paying at one time: before the start of the course.

When paying in terms: the first term before the start of the course, the second term no later than January 1st.


For a different payment arrangement, you may apply - in writing or by email - to the administration before the start of the course.

Late payment

If a payment period expires, Danshuis Haarlem sends a single reminder. If this reminder is not paid in time, Danshuis Haarlem sends a warning and € 20, - handling fee will be charged.

Later register

If subsequently registered in the season, the fee is calculated pro rata.

If registered after January 1, the fee until the end of the season will be charged in one term fee.


Those interested can do a trial lesson. Please request your trial lesson via the website. Danshuis Haarlem sends an email confirming the reservation, after which a lesson can be done.

If the course requested has a waiting list, applicants will be asked to register using the registration form on the website within one day after the trial lesson. The reservation will be canceled if the applicant does not show up for the trial or the registration is not submitted on time or the (first) payment has not been received within the prescribed period.

Cancellation and termination

Canceling a subscription

Cancellation of a new registration is possible until one week before the start of the course. There will be charged a € 20,- administration fee. The cancellation is accepted if it is confirmed in writing by Danshuis Haarlem.

Cancelling a course

Danshuis Haarlem reserves the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient entries.


You may unsubscribe at any time during the year. This should be done in writing or by email. Danshuis Haarlem sends a confirmation of unsubscription. If unsubscribed, the student remains liable for the total course fee (through June).


Refund of the course fee is not possible.

Rates and deadlines

Rates are quoted for each course on the site. Here, the period amounts are also stated.

Ballet Clothing

The prescribed ballet tenue is for your own account.


Reduction possible under the following conditions:
- Following several classes a week
- More than 2 registered families
- Mediation of the Jeugdcultuurfonds
- The HaarlemPas
- Students up to 27 years
The discount amounts are listed on the price list on the website.

Students are required to send a copy of the college / student ID upon registration.

Condition for HaarlemPas is that a copy of the card is sent upon registration.

Other provisions


Danshuis Haarlem reserves the right to:
- make necessary program changes
- engage other teachers than those listed on the website.

If the student is unable to attend the class, for example due to illness, this must be done ahead of time by telephone or email communication with the teacher or the administration.

Length of school year

The school year runs from September to June. Danshuis Haarlem far as possible follows the school rules as laid down by the government far as possible. The seasonal courses consist of 35 lessons.


Danshuis Haarlem accepts no liability for personal injuries, both during and before and after classes. Also Danshuis Haarlem accepts no liability for theft or damage to personal property.


selection group, pre-training, training, Semi-Pro class

Registration and placement

A pupil may be chosen for the selection group, pre-training, training or semi-pro class after successfully doing an audition. If a student wishes to follow the Preparatory Course he/she is required to have a medical examination by a physiotherapist and a member of the Preparatory Course.

The student may begin after a successful audition. The registration is valid for the entire season, which lasts from September to June.

The training consists essentially of a multi-annual program. After each season examines whether the pupil can (and would like to) continue into the next year..


The rates for the Preparatory Course are listed on the website.

Payment Methods

- Full Payment (directly at registration)
- Payment in 3 installments


By a lump-sum payment, the student is entitled to a discount. Students who attend the training several years, receive an incremental discount: 2% for the 2nd year; 4% for the 3rd year; 6% for the 4th year; 8% for 5th and 10% for the 6th year.
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